Retaining Walls

  • Miniwall Blocks
  • Modernstone® Retaining Wall System

    Modernstone® Retaining Wall System

    from AUD $12.50
    (per block)

    Modernstone® is a flagship segmental retaining wall system manufactured by National Masonry. Long and sleek with a sharp, picture-framed, split face finish, the contemporary appeal of Modernstone® complements cutting edge architectural designs through to classical gardens. Carefully selected pigments, sands and aggregates are crucial to enhance the strength and appearance of this extremely adaptable system which includes formal caps and 90 degree corner blocks.


    ⇒ Genuine split face with premium exposed aggregate flush face finish with bevelled surrounds

    ⇒ Unique universal corner block enables 90 degree corners without any fuss

    ⇒ Can be used for straight and curved walls

    ⇒ Near vertical installation for maximum land utilisation

    ⇒ Purpose made cap with genuine split face for premium finish

    ⇒ Suitable for walls up to 2 metres high* (walls over 1 metre require specific engineering & certification)

    ⇒ Bayferrox® colour pigments provide long lasting finish

    ⇒ Manufactured locally by National Masonry® to strict Australian Standards

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  • Norfolk™ Retaining Wall System

    Norfolk™ Retaining Wall System

    from AUD $8.50
    (per block)

    The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is a Stepped (17°) Interlocking Wall System with a ‘rock face’ textured finish and a natural palette of colours to blend into any landscape setting.

    Developed to provide an attractive cost effective retaining wall of up to 900mm (subject to local council requirements) without reinforcement or engineers certification. Norfolk™ Blocks can be built straight, curved or terraced to fit the contours of an embankment. Each Block is made of high strength, low absorption, maintenance free concrete.

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  • Sydneystone Blocks

    Sydneystone Blocks

    from AUD $9.20
    (per block)

    Sydneystone blocks are available in standard split face finish with chamfered edges at the top and both sides. Whether you’re building a straight or curved wall, Sydneystone offers a great solution for a clean and contemporary dry stacked retaining wall.


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  • Austral Arrinastone Retaining Wall Blocks

    from AUD $6.00
    (per block)


    Arrinastone Retaining Wall Blocks are light weight providing an easy way to create a practical outdoor space to your garden. The clean sharp lines provide a contemporary finish that will be the envy of the street. Available in 5 colours , maximum build height of 600mm (4 rows) and is great for Straight walls, corners & steps.

    *Colour samples online are indicative only, you should always sight product samples to be certain as natural variations in aggregates may vary the colour.

    Retaining Wall Arrinastone Standard Unit supplied by Outdoor & General

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  • Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks

    Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks

    In Stock

    Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks is a unique interlocking retaining wall system perfect for constructing pure vertical DIY walls and planter boxes to 800mm in height or up to 1400mm with engineering and No Fines Concrete. Available in 3 colours.

    Standard Block  $ 12.00

    Corner Block Each Piece (L or R) $12.50

    Split Cap $4.50

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  • Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks

    Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks

    In Stock

    Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks are large faced retaining walls and garden edging blocks with modern split faced texture. Available in 3 quality colours, this is the perfect solution to your backyard projects. Wallstone 3 can be laid to a maximum Vertical height of 600mm Cap (4 courses) without needing reinforcement.

    Standard Block   $ 6.05  300L x 220W x 150H

    Corner Block Single Piece (L or R)  $15.50  370L x 220W x 150H

    Split Cap  $4.25  300L x 250W x 60H


    Wallstone 3 corner piece charcoalWallstone 3 Charcoal for your garden project

    Wallstone 3 Universal Cap





    Wallstone 3 Bondi Blend


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Retaining Walls

If your garden looks flat and two-dimensional, or if you have a small plot, constructing retaining walls adds height and space to your property. Outdoor and General offer quality retaining walls in a range of makes, types, sizes, textures, and colours to help transform a mundane outdoor landscape to a pleasant, attractive space.

Our retaining walls are strong, attractive, and versatile, blending with a wide array of architectural styles, local microenvironments, and design concepts. Locally manufactured by industry leaders who understand the climate and environmental conditions that can affect outdoor installations.

Design applications include:

• Pool enclosures.

• Raised garden beds.

• Garden edging.

• Firepits.

• Curved walls.

• Straight walls.

• Tiered walls and terraces.

• Corners.

• Outdoor stairs.

• Stabilisation for slopes and embankments.

• Drainage channels.

These attractive retaining walls come in different textures and styles. Their rough-hewn appearance blends well with surrounding environments. Pigments are embedded in the matrix during manufacturing, resulting in long-lasting colours that add style and character to your landscape. Some retaining wall systems have separate capping units, corner blocks and top finishes. Sizes and shapes vary to suit design styles from contemporary to rustic.

Interlocking retaining wall blocks are engineered to fit together and for quick installation. Our range of retaining wall block products can generally be built to 800mm height without reinforcement. For extra strength, concrete building blocks i.e., Besser Blocks can be built as retaining walls and structural walls.

Concrete sleepers are an excellent choice for retaining walls. They are long panels with engineering design and reinforcing for simpler installation. They carry a new sophistication, refining and harmonising the look with any architectural style.

The staff at Outdoor and General can help you select appropriate retaining walls for your project. Whether you want an elegant look, a down-home, casual look or a professionally landscaped outdoor environment, our range of products built to Australian standards will surely suit your needs. We also sell cleaners and sealants that enhance the look of natural and engineered products while protecting from staining.

Create more usable space by adding retaining walls to moderate slope, retard erosion and add depth to expanses of garden areas. Here, we discuss how to enhance your property with outdoor modifications that range from simple, do-it-yourself projects to a professional landscape overhaul.

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